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These are some of the things people have said about Estelle:

Estelle gets things done! Her maturity, great experience, norms and values, deep understanding of the individual and the group, and above all top professionalism creates an action-loaded and inviting environment where participants feel comfortable to open up and take their lives and that of their dear ones to the next personal and professional level where it deserves to be. Estelle's combination of concise exercises and her compact choice of words to explain complex phenomena very clearly are unique and a privilege to experience. She truly is an agent for change in the very best way. Working with Estelle Doctor is like taking your Mind, Body and Soul to the best cleaners: you will be ready (again) to make life the party it is meant to be.

Robert S. Benninga MBA
Executive Coach, High Performance Leadership Consultant, Speaker, Author

The help you have given us and the extra time and wisdom was, is, very precious to me, to us. Really Estelle many thanks for your excellent professional knowledge.

I want to thank you for the wonderful trainings last week. My colleagues and I appreciate your soft but reassuring way of teaching which I believe is the best way to impact leaders.

Thank you for yet another fabulous, profound, and life changing experience!  What a wonderful, exhilarating two days!

Thank you so much, I can honestly feel the positive impact it has had on me personally and in my ability to see into other members of my Team.  I am in fact, planning to take further training when next they are offered and I'm hoping that you will be there to guide us through the training session because I do feel that you have this amazing ability to bring out the best in us all, which clearly enable us to have healthy and constructive sessions.

It was a very dense, fun, informative, emotional, and fulfilling weekend.  Thank you for making me feel great! 

You are fantastic!!!
I did enjoy the weekend.
Lots to think about and huge steps

Estelle is a very smart, empathetic and professional Psychologist who has worked with us in several situations, she goes beyond the expectations and is quick to adapt to new circumstances. Highly recommended!