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Executive Coaching
  Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is the way to invest in the vital yet intangible factor of business success: the human factor.

Clients learn how to identify and harness their most positive qualities - their 'enablers' - and enhance their leadership and interpersonal skills. They develop an awareness of their 'derailers' - behaviours or habits that can be unproductive - and look at how to change these to realise their goals. Through changing themselves and their own outlook, clients find they are changing their relationships, organisations and the world around them.

There may be specific concerns such as workplace relationships or organisational problems, or it may be that clients simply feel a sense of a general lack of dynamism that they are unsure how to change. In either case, Executive Coaching is a powerful means to assist executives in thinking through challenges and developing solutions.

Estelle's highly-effective approach guides executives to maximise their performance through transformational self-development. It is empathetic while challenging, open while carefully-structured.

As a psychologist with over three decades of experience as a consultant psychologist and motivational trainer, Estelle is an expert on human behaviour. Her knowledge and experience allows her to hone in rapidly on the key issues and bring to bear her exceptional insight into how to effect change. She provides structured Executive Coaching that considers short, medium and long-term goals. Progress is measured throughout against an action plan formulated at the initial coaching session.

Executive Coaching improves personal effectiveness and team dynamics. It changes lives by supporting people to discover how to make their work fulfilling and successful.