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Executive Coaching
  Course Structure

Executive Coaching

An initial course of executive coaching generally comprises six sessions. The sessions are scheduled in accordance with the specific needs and convenience of the client. When there is a longer gap between sessions, they are normally combined with focused telephone conversations between the client and Estelle. But in any case clients can always give Estelle a ring between sessions for guidance or if anything arises that they would like to discuss. Online coaching is also available.

During the first session, Estelle will start by learning about the client's situation and exploring what he or she might hope to achieve. Together they will use different psychological tools such as brainstorming, imagery and visualisation, and build on the executive's past successes to provide insight into who s/he is and what his or her potential is. The client and Estelle will work to develop an action plan with which the client is comfortable and to which he or she will be accountable. In some circumstances, others in the company may be asked to provide '360 feedback' via questionnaires or interviews, to inform the sessions and add value to the coaching process. Over the course of sessions, Estelle will be there to encourage and monitor progress, supporting the client at each stage to face obstacles and overcome them.

After the first three sessions, a review session will assess in detail how well the action plan is progressing. If there are areas where progress has been slower than envisaged, together the executive and Estelle will focus on what needs to be done differently to bring about change.

Following the six sessions, a period of follow-up sessions or telephone calls is often advisable to help to support the executive in continuing to progress and to deal with any challenges that arise.

Estelle also offers Executive Team Coaching. For details please contact us.