Estelle Doctor
Life Coaching
  Estelle's Unique Approach

Estelle offers clients a transformational approach that enhances both personal powers and interpersonal skills. It opens new vistas, increases emotional awareness, and sharpens intellectual management. With over three decades of experience as a consultant psychologist and motivational trainer, Estelle is an expert on human behaviour. Added to this deep understanding of psychological and emotional issues, she brings the highly effective techniques she has developed in the course of her career, and so excels as a challenging ‘thinking partner’. She approaches her clients’ situations by exploring these basic questions:
Where Are You Now?
And what is the back story to how you reached your current situation?
Where Would You Like to Be?
How would you ideally see yourself placed – though it may seem like an impossible dream?
What Stops You From Taking That Step?
Why haven’t you been able to achieve that dream; are there places on your road where you keep getting stuck?
What Resources Do You Have To Help You Get Over The Obstacles?
What are your most enabling characteristics and have you sufficient awareness of your derailing characteristics to turn that knowledge to your advantage?
What Is The Next Step?
What can you do differently, starting today, that will make a real change?

These structured questions help to clarify issues and enable real progress. Estelle’s style of life coaching is light-hearted and empathetic, while uniquely informed and informative.

Estelle is a chartered psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society and the Association for Coaching.