Estelle Doctor
Life Coaching
  Course Structure

All large changes in one’s life, and even many minor changes, involve taking a journey into the unknown. It can be difficult to take such a journey without appropriate support. Life Coaching makes life transformations possible by providing expert support along that journey, allowing clients to realise their potential and bring about positive change in their lives.

As each client’s journey is unique, so is every course of Life Coaching.

Typically a course of Life Coaching comprises up to six sessions. In the first session, Estelle will start by exploring your situation and what you might hope to achieve. Together you make use of different psychological tools like brainstorming, imagery and visualisation, and build on your past successes to provide insight into who you are and what your potential is. Estelle then works with you to develop an action plan that you are comfortable with and to which you will be accountable. During the subsequent sessions, Estelle will be there to encourage and monitor progress, supporting you at each stage as you face the obstacles in your way, and overcome them.

After the first three sessions, a review session will assess in detail how well your action plan is progressing. If there are areas where progress has been slower than expected, together you will look at ways of doing things differently to bring about change.

The sessions are scheduled to suit you and your situation. When there is a longer gap between sessions, they are normally combined with focused telephone conversations between you and Estelle to keep things on course. But in any case you can always give Estelle a ring between sessions for guidance or if anything arises that you would like to discuss. Online coaching is also available.

At the end of the course, if you feel you need a ‘thinking partner’ at crucial moments to keep you on track or to approach new challenges, Estelle will be there to support you with follow-up sessions or telephone calls, to help you continue your journey.