Estelle Doctor

This course will provide suggestions for maximising the development of spelling skills and independent writing during KS1 and KS2. A range of practical activities provide opportunities for course participants to address:

  • word, sentence and text level writing
  • the central role of spelling in writing
  • listening and spelling
  • reading and spelling
  • copying and spelling
  • handwriting and spelling
  • memory

and to discuss teaching strategies. Workshop sessions give participants practical experience in understanding spelling errors and planning intervention programmes.

Participants can opt to take a supplementary third day of the course, focusing in greater depth on the diagnostic assessment of spelling. They will use materials from the Literacy Assessment Battery to assess pupils' spelling. These revealing assessments are then scored and interpreted. They form the basis for a discussion about a range of different targeted strategies and resources that may be used to help children develop their spelling and to provide direction for children with spelling difficulties.

Full course - 2 school days or 10 hours
Spelling on its own - 1 school day or 5 hours

Full course with supplementary day - 3 school days or 15 hours