Estelle Doctor

This unique course introduces participants to transformational strategies and techniques to enhance their relationships with colleagues and with their students.

The course focuses on:

•  Transformational Learning
•  Listening: Barriers, Levels, and Effective Strategies
•  Questions: Inhibiting and Enhancing
•  Mentoring-Coaching and its Relevance in the School Setting
•  The GROW Model as a Coaching Strategy
•  The Principles of Transformational Mentoring-Coaching

The day course offers a combination of plenary and experiential learning in small and larger groups. It concludes with a mentoring-coaching masterclass. Participants leave with a new way of communicating, a new approach to problem solving and greater self-awareness and understanding of others. All this has a positive impact in the classroom and in the school setting, improving personal effectiveness and team dynamics.

1 school day - approximately 5 hours