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If a new Forum is like a bud on a tree, one that has been together for many years is like a tree in full fruit, bountifully laden with its members' inter-woven narratives and relationships. This rich harvest can be cultivated at a retreat, providing a springboard for a free and inquiring exploration of who we are and how to negotiate and understand our place in the world - on intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels. These advanced retreats offer a more spiritual experience, an approach to the most complex questions of personal and professional life that bridges the conscious and the superconscious. Workshop topics include:

•  Visiting a Wise Being, or Visualisation of the Future Self
•  Dealing with Anger, Fear, Pain, Shame etc.
•  Responsibility
•  Contribution
•  Letter Writing to a Higher Being or to or from our Own "Wise Being"
•  Life Inventory
•  Life Transitions
•  Business Exits
•  Contribution to Society
•  Dealing with Unimaginable Crises: "Black Swan" Events and How to Prepare for Them

These enjoyable yet challenging workshops use sophisticated visualisation and perceptual techniques and include opportunities for searching feedback. Through them, members learn to balance their lives successfully and enhance their awareness of life as a constant adventure.