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Imagine going away for a short time and returning feeling fundamentally invigorated, with a new sense of direction and optimism, both personally and professionally. That inspiring state of wellbeing is the sure outcome of a Forum Retreat, which plays a crucial role in the effectiveness and enriching character of any Forum. In the capable hands of Estelle, who has extensive experience of facilitating retreats, you will embark on a voyage of self-discovery far further than your physical journey. It is an adventure that will enhance both personal powers and interpersonal skills, open new vistas, increase emotional awareness, and sharpen intellectual acuity.

Estelle's Stages-of-Development Retreat Programmes


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Estelle has devised a unique and rightly renowned portfolio of retreat programmes, designed to match the particular needs and dynamic of a Forum at every stage in its development. Of course, she will discuss your Forum's special focuses and interests with you in depth before the retreat to tailor any programme precisely: the main thing in Estelle's view is always to meet your Forum's needs.

The lively and transformative retreats she facilitates are hugely enjoyed by participants, while bringing powerful emotional and intellectual growth to their lives.