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It is recommended that, starting from approximately six months after inception, each Forum participates in Forum SuperCharge at least every two years - to ensure that the Forum remains on track, to inject new energy and ideas into any areas that have been neglected, and to re-invigorate and enhance the experience of a Forum for all its members.

A month before the workshop, the Forum members take the Forum survey. SuperCharge is survey-driven; based on the survey results, the Moderator and Estelle identify the Forum's weaknesses, and consequently choose which of the six SuperCharge modules to follow in the workshop. All are experiential and highly interactive. They variously focus on:

  • Confidentiality
  • Forum Protocol
  • Forum Norms and Commitment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Deepening the Connection
  • Meeting Structure

The workshop, which typically lasts 2-4 hours, can focus on a single module, or a combination of modules. Within this framework, special issues arising in the Forum are explored in detail and the basic principles of Forum are reinforced. Forum SuperCharge is a rich and rewarding experience. It takes members' understanding of the Forum process to a deeper level.