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Estelle has been an accredited forum facilitator for YPO-WPO since 2000. She has facilitated at every level across Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and the USA, delivering successful Taste of Forum, Forum Fundamentals and Forum SuperCharge programmes. She has also frequently facilitated Moderator Development Workshops, Forum Retreats, Womens' Retreats and Couples' Retreats.

A former associate professor of psychology and director of an education resource centre, Estelle is an expert on human behaviour. She has been conducting training courses for over three decades.

Her training style is empathetic as well as informative and absorbing - intense and leisurely, earnest and light-hearted, abstract-verbal and audio-visual, above all interactive. Having been trained in psychosynthesis and social and organizational psychology, she has made a special study of leadership skills, but she also attaches great importance to the group, as a crucial instrument of change. Whether working with groups or individuals, she gets fully involved, as a hands-on motivational coach, in developing their potential. Her academic and research speciality is in education, including dyslexia and the role of memory in learning. Her findings in these areas have reached a wide audience through her conference presentations and various appearances on radio and television.

She offers the full range of YPO-WPO Forum facilitation, and also trains moderators to run forums.